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Cloth Diapers


One Size All In One Reusable Diaper


Super trim! Our diaper was designed to fit babies so that it can be worn with all normal baby clothing. No need to buy special clothing just to cloth diaper.  Our two rows of front snaps are spaced to give the best fit for every size baby.  Our hidden double waterproof layer in the wet zone will help to prevent leaks.

Only one piece! Our diaper is a TRUE all in one, no stuffing pockets or snapping in inserts. There are no parts to our diaper to “assemble” every time you wash. Our inserts are sewn in to accommodate simple care for your cloth diapers. Our diaper design has one triple layer insert sewn into the front of the diaper and another triple layer insert sewn into the back of the diaper. This design allows for easy use and care.

Adjustable! The flexibility of using one size diapers is unbelievable! If you have two children who are two different sizes these are the perfect answer. A newborn can use the same diapers as a child who is ready to potty train. Having a stash of one size diapers is very economical and makes cloth diapering simple! This solves the problem of buying one size and then having to change your entire diaper stash out when your little pumpkin grows up a size!

Fast Drying! Because mothers do not have time to spend in the laundry room! Our diaper inserts are sewn to make drying them a snap! No more running two dryer cycles to have dry fluffy diapers.

Soft! The elastic in our leg gussets are encased to ensure nothing but softness is against your baby’s skin. Our outer layer is waterproof bamboo jersey, which means the outside of our diaper is just as soft as the inside. No more diapers that feel like plastic! Just a VERY COMFY diaper inside and out!

Absorbent! Our diaper is made from a super absorbent blend of bamboo and organic cotton. Each insert contains three layers. There are 7 layers total to give you unmatched absorbency! Add in one of our overnight soakers and you have the perfect nighttime diaper!
No Smell! The natural fibers used to make our diapers ensure that there is no battle with odor issues!

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