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Cloth Diapering is much easier than you can imagine!

What you will need-
Cloth Diapers- We love our  “One Size All-In-Ones”. These little pumpkins can be used from birth to potty training which will save you the most money while cloth diapering. Our all-in-ones work the same way as a disposable diaper would and are extremely easy to use. They are one single piece to put on your baby and does not require folding, stuffing, or pinning. We recommend having 18-20 diapers to get started if you plan to cloth diaper full time. However, the more you have the less often you have to wash!
Turtle Bags and Super Shells- These are our pail liners and wet bags. They are used to store your soiled cloth diapers in until wash day. While at home, using our 'super shell' is the best choice. This is a liner that you place inside of a trashcan just like a trash bag. Just toss the soiled diapers in like you would any other diaper pail.  Our 'turtle bags' are great to use while you are 'out and about'. They work just like the 'super shell'... just toss the soiled diapers in and once you get home you can either store them there until wash day or you can add them to your diaper pail. There are lots of other great uses for these bags as well. They are great to take to the pool or beach to put all your wet clothing in!  Both our 'super shells' and 'turtle bags' come in several very posh prints.
Additive Free Detergent- Do not use a detergent that has any additives or fabric softener when washing your cloth diapers. Detergent build up creates the most problems when washing cloth diapers. This can causes most diapers to have odor issues and repel.  Posh Pumpkin diapers are made using natural fibers. When cared for properly, our diapers will not have the odor issues that other cloth diapers have. The quality of our bamboo ensures to keep the odor issues away.  We do recommend using a natural fabric softener with our diapers as it keeps everything fluffy and soft. 

The How To's-
After you change your baby's diaper, the wet diaper can be placed directly into your diaper pail or wet bag and stay there until wash day!
If you have a soiled diaper, you should remove as much of the waste into the toilet as possible. This can be done by swiping the waste into the toilet.  Soiled diapers are easy to remove from the diaper.  After you are finished, place the used diaper into your 'super shell' or 'turtle bag'. (There will be some residue on the diaper and this is perfectly fine. The goal is to remove as much as possible.)
Bamboo diapers should be washed every two to three days. The length of time between washes will mainly be determined by the number of cloth diapers you have.
Washing Instructions 
    •    Run a cold rinse first.

This will rinse the urine out. This also gets your diapers good and wet for the wash. Bamboo diapers are super absorbent and can absorb a large amount of water. By running a rinse cycle first, will ensure that you have enough water in your machine to wash your diapers properly.
    •    Run a Hot Wash with your additive free detergent. 

We recommend adding a small amount of natural fabric softener to your rinse cycle when needed. Our diapers are made from bamboo which can get a bit "crunchy" over time. This is due to it’s amazing wicking quality. Adding the natural fabric softener will keep that "crunchy" problem from being an issue with your diapers.
    •    Tumble dry your diapers on medium heat or line dry.

DO NOT dry on high heat, over time this can damage the waterproof layer in your diapers and can cause them to leak. We recommend using dryer balls. They will cut down on drying time and help keep everything soft. They work great on all your laundry.  Since our diapers are all-in-ones, which means they are only 'one piece', folding a load is super simple. No stuffing pockets or snapping inserts in is required. In fact, some mothers find it easy to  put all their clean diapers straight from the dryer (no folding or stacking) into a large clean turtle bag and pull them out when it is time for a diaper change.
The 411 on Stains!

Staining is going to occur.  Most stains will come out after a few washings. But there is an immediate cure for stains..... SUNSHINE! 
Place your clean wet diaper, straight from the washing machine in the sunshine. The sun will take the stain right out. It really is natural magic!

Thanks for shopping with Posh Pumpkins!

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